Creata Corp.
SINCE 2002

Business Concept

Business Philosophy

“Integrity” as Corporation Foundation

Creata operates on strict moral and integrity principles, focusing on employee ethics and partners selection criteria.

“Professionalism” Enlighten Problem Solving Competence

Through years of operating virtual channels, Creata provides highest quality service to achieve all win ideal status for Creata, Name Brand Vendors, Channels, and Consumers.

“Employees” Is the Core of Corporation

Creata emphasize on employee benefits, cultivating work achievements and team trust, training and development to motivate employees thriving for self-enrichment and pursuing performance excellence


Corporation Vision

Become a Reputable Company

Build a Happy Enterprise

Provide Employees Best Benefit

Our Service



Sales Platform

From internet shopping, TV shopping, group purchasing to redemption programs, Creata specializes in virtual multi-channel operation. Through big data analysis, we can pinpoint market trends and sales status accurately. Creata expect to bridge effectively between collaborating vendors and consumers.


Sales & Marketing

To ensure sales efficiency and service quality, all Creata platforms are managed by dedicated employees. We not only secure market price, but also build up own added value. Creata provides cooperating vendors with services like 3D, graphics, video, and photographing to achieve win-win target.


Warehousing & Logistics

To guarantee product quality and satisfy consumer needs, Creata invests a 3000-square meters systematic warehouse. We use systematic procedures to enable speedy and efficient logistic processing. Consumers can receive most complete service within shortest time.


Customer Service

Creata believes in sincere and trustworthy principle in facing customers to enable sustainable development of company. Creata cares about consumers’ purchasing experience, fully utilize the speed and convenience of internet and social media, to timely respond the needs of vendors and consumers.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Creata not just seek for corporate innovation and excellence, we also proactively returning to the society and continue to do charity work based on the corporate spirit of “Take from the society, Use it in society”. Creata values people, listen to employee voice, and continue to support various social groups.

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Social Care

Our Practices

Care about character education development of vulnerable families, Creata funds related public welfare groups on a regular basis (ShiJianChanXin 實踐禪心、Andrew Charity Association Food Bank 安得烈食物銀行)

Concern healthy development of social education, Creata funds schools to support students with sports specialties (Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology 健行科大)

Care for needs of weaker public welfare groups, Creata donate merchandise for charity fund-raising regularly (Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation 真善美基金會、Genesis Social Welfare Foundation 創世基金會、SCSRC 脊髓損傷中心、Good Shepard Social Welfare Foundation 善牧基金會…)



Corporate Governance

Positive and Active Leadership Environment

Emphasize Employee Characters and Enhance Professional Competence

Collaborative and Mutual Respective Team

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Talent Recruitment


5 Competence of Creatan


 Concentric  Learning  Innovation  Execution  Consolidation


5 Characteristics of Creatan


 Honest & Trustworthy  Teamwork & Collaboration  Dedicated & Responsible  Initiative & Proactive  Independent & Innovation


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